Official premiere Hidden In The Spotlight

Oct 01, 2020
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Last Monday, September 28th 2020, we experienced the beautiful and heart-warming premiere of ‘Buiten is het Feest’, Hidden in the Spotlight in English, at the Kinepolis cinema in Utrecht during the Dutch Film Festival. It was a special evening and we are honored to be able to share the film with the public on 97 screens across the country. Special thanks to September Film NL for the great organization!

It tells the story about the successful singer Sonne who takes in her niece after the unexpected death of her sister. Then the biological father claims custody. In order to protect her niece, Sonne is forced to break the silence and reveal all the details of her personal family drama in court; a drama in which this man played a highly questionable role.

Can’t wait for the release on October 22nd 2020…

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