Fair practice code

The role of the independent production company is to discover talents, initiate projects by acquiring or creating IPs, develop scripts, attach other creative talents, produce the film and/or TV content and commercialize/monetize the work, via distributors and/or sales agents, by accessing audiences through theatres, broadcasters, VOD Services and any other means.

The role of an independent production company is at the heart of each project and involves creative development, production, and budgetary and financial management.

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Gender equality charter

The producer’s signatory to this charter wish to reaffirm and strengthen their support for equal treatment for those identified as women in the workplace. It is our hope that adhering to this charter will contribute to improving the much-needed gender equity and fair treatment of women in our industry.

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Green charter

Recognising the environmental impacts that audio-visual production activities can cause, and the urgent necessity to adopt sustainable solutions as a way to minimize these impacts.

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The code of conduct

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