International success for Silk Road

Jan 31, 2018
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Our film SILK ROAD has been selected for several international film festivals. The film will be screening at Palm Springs International Film Festival, Manchester International Film Festival and Silk Road International Film Festival.

After its selection at the Milano International Film Festival Awards, where Olivia Lonsdale won an award for best Female Actress for her role in SILK ROAD, and Prix Europe, Silk Road has now been selected for Palm Springs International Film Festival (USA 2 to 15 January), Manchester International Film Festival; where it will be screened in the official competition (UK 1 to 4 March), and Silk Road International Film Festival (IRL 7 to 11 March).

The Telefilm SILK ROAD is about a 20-year-old girl who finds herself on the road of becoming a successful drug dealer on Silk Road through her charismatic neighbour. Along the way she gets caught up in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game played by police, criminals, and her own boyfriend. How far will she go? Who can she trust – and who is using who?

The film was realized with the support of CoBO fund and KRO-NCRV.

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