Rinskje Raap

Rinskje Raap

Producer / International co-productions

Rinskje embarked on her Journey with Rinkel Film in 2016 as an intern, where she quickly demonstrated her potential. In 2021, she officially became part of the producer’s team. Her passion for deciphering complex Excel formulas made it evident that she was the ideal candidate to oversee the business aspect of production. In her current role, Rinskje takes responsibility for drafting financing strategies, managing financial applications, budget controlling, negotiating talent contracts, reporting royalties, whilst also keeping track of the financials of Rinkel Film as a whole.

In pursuit of expanding her knowledge in international co-productions, Rinskje participated in the European Co-Production course of the Erich Pommer Institute in 2021. During the same year, she was part of the first ever Producers Link program by Cinekid and Kids Kino.

In addition to the above, Rinskje is actively developing her own slate of projects. She spearheads al of Rinkel Film’s minority co-prductions, which presently includes the South-African film Flesh of my Flesh, scheduled for production in 2024, and the Ukrainian film Forever-Forever, which recently celebrated its premiere at the Venice Film Festival in 2023. Furthermore, she is extending her role by taking the lead in her first majority feature film Voor Niemand Bang.

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