Iedereen is van de Wereld

In production

13-year-old Arianne is terminally ill. Her best friend Zahra, a refugee from Afghanistan, is about to be deported. Arianne writes to the government minister: ‘I’m dying. Could Zahra stay in Holland instead of me when I’m gone?’ Inspired by a true story.

English Title Out of this World
Release 2025
Genre Family
Language Dutch, Dari
Director Mark de Cloe
Writer Barbara Jurgens
Creative producer Mark de Cloe
Producers Reinier Selen, Rinskje Raap
Co-producers Tarantula Luxembourgh, KRO-NCRV
Sales agent Attraction Distribution
Distributor In The Air
Cinematographer Josje van Erkel
Casting Director OKO Casting
Production designer Eric Bernhard | Locatiescout: Tjalling Halbertsma


Netherlands Film Fund, Luxembourg Film Fund, CoBO Fund, KRO-NCRV

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