In development

Based on the novel of the same name, written by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Sem’s boyfriend is seriously disfigured during a climbing accident in the Alps. He wonders, can he ever love someone with a hideous appearance? As Sem is helping the love of his life get back to his old self, he soon discovers it’s not just Nick’s looks that changed. After a series of horrifying incidents, Sem has to face the fact that in those mountains, something dark and sinister has taken possession of Nick.

How far do you go for love when lives are at stake?

Echo has been sold to The Benelux, US/Canada; UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Spain and Spanish speaking LATAM, Czech Republic. It is one of the first mainstream commercial genre novels starring a gay couple, ever published in Poland and Turkey.

The Guardian: "With moments of wonder as well as terror, Echo contains possibly the most frightening opening scene ever written."

Writers Diana Sno, Eva K. Mathijssen, Jan Verdijk
Producers Reinier Selen, Rinskje Raap