After transferring from a downtown high school, Tonia joins a new badass gang of youngsters, trying to find protection and a place she truly belongs. They spend time together, roaming around Kyiv’s post-socialist suburbs, having fun and getting in trouble. Soon, Tonia falls in love with Zhurik, whilst also longing for Sania and finds herself tangled up in an alluring secret love triangle. But Tonia’s abusive past still haunts her, challenging this newfound friendship and romance. Will she be able to find her own pass or lose herself in this new controversial relationship?

Set in the late 90s Kyiv, this is a story of the young and rebellious amid the ruins of the Soviet regime. Those who had to grow up faster due to the circumstances but got lost in the adult world. A story of which we need constant reminding, as some things only exist at the moment, while others last forever.

English Title Forever-Forever
Release 2023
Genre Drama
Language Ukranian
Cast Alina Cheban, Zachary Shadrin, Arthur Aliiev, Yelyzaveta Tsilyk
Director Anna Buryachkova
Writers Anna Buryachkova, Marina Stepanska
Producers Natalia Libet, Vitalii Sheremetiev, Oleksii Zgonik, Lyuba Knorozok, Rinskje Raap, Reinier Selen
Co-producer Potemkino
Sales agent Pluto Film
Distributor Periscoop
Composer Lika Bugaeva
Cinematographer Lena Checkhovska
Casting Director Oksana Dezera
Production designer Oleksandra Patoka
Editor Yurii Reznichenko


Ukrainian State Film Agency, Netherlands Film Fund, The Brussel-Capital Region, The Ukrainian Institute, Eurimages


Venice International Film Festival

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