World premiere A Real Vermeer at the Netherlands Film Festival 2016

Jul 19, 2016
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A REAL VERMEER, the new film by Rudolf van den Berg, will have its world premiere on the night of Saturday 24 September, at the Netherlands Film Festival. Crew and cast, including Jeroen Spitzenberger, Lize Feryn, Porgy Franssen, Roeland Fernhout and Mingus Dagelet, will attend the story of master forger Van Meegeren at the Stadschouwburg in Utrecht. The 36th edition of the Film Festival will be held from Wednesday 21 to Friday 30 September. The film, distributed by Cinéart, will reach Dutch cinemas on 3 November.

The 1920’s. It’s love at first sight for great painting talent Han van Meegeren (Jeroen Spitzenberger), when he meets beautiful actress Jólanka Lakatos (Lize Feryn). However, it turns out she is the wife of Abraham Bredius (Porgy Franssen), the pre-eminent art critic of the day. A merciless Bredius takes his revenge by publicly ripping Han’s work apart. When next his own wife and son leave him, Van Meegeren is at his wits’ end. He moves to France where he devotes all his time and effort to creating a perfect ‘new’ Johannes Vermeer; one that Bredius will mistake for the real thing. But when the moment for vengeance has finally come, Han faces a complicated dilemma. Will he humiliate his enemy or choose the love of his life?

A REAL VERMEER is a film by director Rudolf van den Berg (TIRZA – Golden Calf Best Director and Best Editing, 2010 and SÜSKIND – 2012). He wrote the script, inspired by true events, together with Jan Eilander (ANDRÉ HAZES: SHE BELIEVES IN ME, ROAD DUSTER). The film was produced by Reinier Selen of Rinkel Film (ACCUSED, SÜSKIND, COOL KIDS DON’T CRY, BACKSLIDE), San Fu Maltha of Fu Works (SÜSKIND, BLACK BOOK, WINTER IN WARTIME) and Jeroen Koolbergen of Cadenza Films (SÜSKIND, TIRZA), with international co-producers Donato Rotunno of Tarantula Productions (Luxembourg) and Martin Dewitte of Living Stone (Belgium).

A REAL VERMEER was realized with support from the Netherlands Film Fund, Netherlands Film Production Incentive, and a contribution from the Film Fund’s Suppletion, the Belgian Tax Shelter, Film Fund Luxembourg, Abraham Tuschinski Fund, Creative Europa MEDIA, Eurimages, Rinkel Film, Fu Works and Cadenza Films.

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