Shooting of A Real Vermeer starts, with Jeroen Spitzenberger as Han van Meegeren

Dec 07, 2015
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On Wednesday 16 December the cameras start rolling on Dutch feature A REAL VERMEER in Amsterdam. Rudolf van den Berg (TIRZA, SÜSKIND) directs the remarkable story about one of the world’s greatest art forgers: Dutch painter Han van Meegeren and his tumultuous life.

The film stars Jeroen Spitzenberger as Han van Meegeren, Lize Feryn as Jólanka Lakatos, Porgy Franssen as Abraham Bredius and Roeland Fernhout as Theo van Wijngaerden. Important supporting roles are filled by Raymond Thiry and Dewi Reijs. The project is produced by the people behind BLACK BOOK, ACCUSED, TIRZA, SÜSKIND, WINTER IN WARTIME, LOVE IS ALL and BACKSLIDE.

Many attempts have been made by many film producers, both in the Netherlands and abroad, to bring this fascinating piece of Dutch history to the silver screen, but without success – until now. “This film about master forger Han van Meegeren and his great love, gives me the opportunity to make people experience something of the true nature of art and the artist’s calling”, states director Rudolf van den Berg. The shoot will take place in the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and Croatia.

A REAL VERMEER: About Han van Meegeren, the greatest art forger of the Netherlands

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