Accused wins big at the Milano International Film Festival

Aug 17, 2016
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The Dutch thriller ACCUSED has won the audience award for Best Film at the prestigious Milano International Film Festival. A week ago, the news came out that the film had already won three awards for Best Director (Paula van der Oest), Best Acting Performance (Ariane Schluter) and Best Editing (Marcel Wijninga).

The prizes for Best Director, Best Acting Performance and Best Editing for ACCUSED were already awarded in June this year by the Leonardo Da Vinci Film Society: a group of experts that annually awards European films. ACCUSED was nominated for no less than nine awards in eight categories, namely: Best Directing for Paula van der Oest (won), Best Screenwriting for Moniek Kramer and Tijs van Marle, Best Acting Performance for Ariane Schluter (won) and Sallie Harmsen, Best Cinematography for Guido van Gennep, Best Supporting Actor for Fedja van Huêt, Best Editing for Marcel Wijninga (won) and Best Music/Song for Adam Nordén.

After the awards were handed out, the awarded films have been screened at the festival. The audience was asked to vote for the Best Film and ACCUSED was voted the winner. With four prizes won, the film can be named as the winner of the festival.

The film has been released in April 2014 in the Netherlands and has had its international premiere at the Palm Springs Festival in the USA in 2015.

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