Nieuwe Schoenen

Nieuwe Schoenen

A single play in the ‘One Night Stand’ series

New Shoes is a modern fairytale about ordinary feelings and extraordinary events. Aafke and Thalia are both 30 years old when they meet each other in a shoe store. They go back to the store after having accidentally left the shop with each other’s new shoes. They spontaneously decide to trade lives with each other for 24 hours. But is the grass really greener on the other side?

English Title New Shoes
Release 2004
Genre Modern Fairytale
Language Dutch
Cast Hadewych Minis, Micky Hoogendijk, Boris Saran
Director Saskia Diesing
Writer Manon Mulckhuyse
Producers Reinier Selen, Edwin van Meurs
Co-producers NPS, VARA, VPRO
Casting Director Saida van der Reijd
Production designer Dewi van den Heuvel
Editor Milika de Jonge


Netherlands Film Fund, Dutch Cultural Media Fund, CoBo Fund, NPS, VARA, VPRO


Netherlands Film Festival