A single play in the ‘One Night Stand’ series

Lost is a comedy in which Tessel, Robert’s bride-to-be, is utterly confused after an encounter with a guy named Mark on the very night before she is to say ”I do”. She thinks that she cheated on Robert and strangely enough, if that actually did happen, she realizes that she wouldn’t regret it. It only reinforces her doubts about her plans to marry Robert.

English Title Lost
Release 2004
Genre Romantic Comedy
Language Dutch
Cast Ricky Koole, Martijn Nieuwerf
Director Marcel Visbeen
Writer Anke Boersma
Producers Reinier Selen, Edwin van Meurs
Co-producers NPS, VARA, VPRO
Cinematographer Mick Van Rossum
Casting Directors Job Gosschalk, Saida van der Reijd, Marina Wijn
Production designer Dewi van den Heuvel
Editor Jef Hertoghs


Netherlands Film Fund, Dutch Cultural Media Fund, CoBo Fund, NPS, VARA, VPRO


Netherlands Film Festival
The Three Amigos