Bijlmer Odyssee

Bijlmer Odyssee

A single play in the ‘One Night Stand’ series

With a nod to Homer’s classic, BIJLMER ODYSSEY is a romantic comedy about two young lovers in Amsterdam’s Bijlmer neighborhood. Lost in the labyrinth of high rise buildings, they experience hilarious adventures when they find themselves separated from each other. They meet interesting locals that eventually help them reunite.

English Title Bijlmer Odyssey
Release 2004
Genre Romantic Comedy
Language Dutch
Cast Katja Herbers, Egbert Jan Weeber
Director Urszula Antoniak
Writers Urszula Antoniak, Sander Teymant
Producers Reinier Selen, Edwin van Meurs
Co-producers NPS, VARA, VPRO
Int. Rights holder SND Film
Sales agent SND Film
Composer Ferdinand Boland
Cinematographer Jasper Wolf
Casting Director Saida van der Reijd
Production designer Dewi van den Heuvel
Editor Christine Houbiers


Netherlands Film Fund, Dutch Cultural Media Fund, CoBo Fund, NPS, VARA, VPRO


Netherlands Film Festival
Nieuwe Schoenen