A single play in the ‘One Night Stand’ series

Armando is a naive, unworldly 32-year-old barber. He is emotionally unstable and tells himself that he has never received love. His dream: a hairdresser, for both humans and dogs. But your own business requires money, and that is something Armando does not have. Along with Eve, the kidnapped daughter of a fiberglass tycoon, he devises a plan to realize his dream…

Release 2004
Genre Absurdistic Comedy
Language Dutch
Cast Ramsey Nasr, Sytske van der Ster
Director Marco Knijnenburg
Writer Marco Knijnenburg
Producers Reinier Selen, Edwin van Meurs
Co-producer VPRO
Composer Ferdinand Boland
Cinematographers Giel Born, Johan Bosgraaf, Tjitte Jan Nieuwkoop, Arjan Seykens, Jacco van Ree, Bianca van Riemsdijk
Casting Directors Andre Sjouerman, Rozanne van Boxtel
Production designers Ruben Schwartz, Robert van der Hoop
Editor Christine Houbiers


VPRO, Dutch Cultural Media Fund


Netherlands Film Festival
Bijlmer Odyssee