20 Year Anniversary of Backslide

Jun 27, 2024

Last year marked the 20th anniversary of Backslide (Van God Los) and on Friday June 28 10:55 pm the film will be screened on NPO 3. 📺

Angela Schijf tells us about her experience making the film, supported by a scrapbook including exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and premiere pictures. 📸

Angela Schijf: “Backslide was a very special project to me. During rehearsals, we were given the freedom to bring the characters to life. Anna had a very important role in the film and it was an honour to play her. Working with Tygo, Egbert-Jan and Mads, the other actors, was a very wonderful journey. It is an extremely intense story, based on true facts, which we portrayed with a lot of passion and care. I look back on the production period with warmth; I have given it a special place in my heart. The film was shot 20 years ago and I can hardly imagine it being that old. Backslide (Van God Los) has become a true classic. When it was shown on TV recently, I recorded the film. I am going to watch this soon with my daughters. I am very curious to see what they think of it.”

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