Nederlands voor Beginners

Nederlands voor Beginners

A single play in the ‘One Night Stand’ series

Alina from Poland is married to her Dutch husband and lives in a comfortable suburb with some nice Dutch friends. She seems to have everything together, but to her horror she has to follow an integration course to learn the Dutch language and to learn about the Dutch culture. When one of her classmates, Lula from Africa, starts to work as her cleaning lady, Alina is in for quite a few surprises.

English Title Dutch for Beginners
Release 2007
Genre Drama
Language Dutch
Cast Aaron Wan, Arthur Knel, Bart de Vries, Shertise Solano, Timon Moll, Pamela Menzo, Marcel Hensema, Gilles Biesheuvel, Fama Diop, Ellis van Maarseveen, Barbara Pouwels, Jos Veldhuizen
Director Urszula Antoniak
Writer Urszula Antoniak
Co-producer VPRO




Netherlands Film Festival