Girlz & Boyz

Girlz & Boyz


GIRLZ & BOYZ is an ‘online community drama’ about young people in Amsterdam Geuzenveld, standing at a crossroad in their lives. GIRLZ & BOYZ approaches viewers as pro-active users by letting them interact with the characters and the community through YouTube, Hyves, TV, chat forums, blogs, video diaries and so on. Becoming an adult includes dealing with yourself, your body, your own identity, your relationship to peers and adults, your friends and family, and the roots of your family. The series is a coming-of-age story of young people in a multi-cultural society.

Release 2009
Genre Urban crossmedia drama
Language Dutch, Moroccan
Directors Gabriël Bauer, Janneke van Heesch
Writer Dick van den Heuvel
Co-producer KRO


KRO Interactive, KRO Television, Marokko Media, Inholland Diemen