De Fiets

De Fiets

Ten-year-old Mara is the only one in her class who doesn’t have a bike. It makes Mara’s life difficult, especially in Holland where almost everyone owns one and it’s a necessity to get around. Mara decides to take matters into her own hands and to build a bicycle. She uses parts of her classmates’ bikes to assemble her own, and in the process receives a magical bicycle bell from an unknown vagrant.

English Title The Bicycle
Release 1997
Genre Children's film
Language Dutch
Cast Marlies Rutten, Freek de Jonge, Roef Ragas
Director Bas Dumoulin
Writer Bas Dumoulin
Producer Reinier Selen
Co-producer VPRO
Int. Rights holder NOS
Sales agent NOS
Composer José Retra
Cinematographer Rick David
Production designer Dana Cauwbergs
Editor Ellen-Alinda Verhoeff


Rinkel Film, Thuiskopie Fonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Union Bikes, NOS, Metasound