World premiere Brand New-U at Edinburgh International Film Festival

Jun 01, 2015
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BRAND NEW-U (also known as IDENTICALS), the new indie sci-fi from Rinkel Film, Hot Property Films and SP Films, will have its world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in Scotland. It’s also in the running for the Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film and Best Performance in a British Feature Film.

BRAND NEW-U was written and directed by BAFTA-winner Simon Pummell (SHOCK HEAD SOUL, BODYSONG). The lead roles are played by Lachlan Nieboer (SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF, CROSS OF HONOUR) and Nora-Jane Noone (THE DESCENT, THE MAGDALENE SISTERS).
The Edinburgh International Film Festival has been held every year since 1947, which makes it the longest running film festival in the world. The Michael Powell Award is the most important award the international jury can bestow, and BRAND NEW-U is one of the thirteen nominees. Producers Reinier Selen, Janine Marmot, Conor Barry and John Keville are very happy with this prestigious honor.

Director-writer Simon Pummell is known for his BAFTA-winning documentary BODYSONG (2003) and his previous feature SHOCK HEAD SOUL, which debuted at the 2011 Venice International Film Festival. He has received multiple awards and a number of film festivals have featured career retrospectives.

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