The World According to Carlijn at IFFR

Feb 05, 2024
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On the 26th of February we've celebrated the world premiere of the documentary The World According to Carlijn at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

In this documentary, directed by Ariane Greep, we follow the promising Dutch cartographer Carlijn Kingma in the creation of her impressive artwork, “The Waterworks of Money”, visualizing the shocking injustice of our global financial system.

Due to the great success of the first 2 screenings, the programme team scheduled 2 more screenings.

The documentary has been warmly received by both the public and the press.

Netherlands leading newspaper NRC: ‘Carlijn Kingma’s maps are high-end art. Worlds of thought in a style reminiscent of Jeroen Bosch, but surpassing even that in detail and originality... Ariane Greep’s documentary is stylistically simple: interviews, reportages. But it also shows a gruelling process, in which Kingma ponders and doubts before putting pen to paper... Having been existentially quartered by the fiction films at IFFR, a documentary like The World According to Carlijn is simply a necessity.’

And on top of that, more great news followed, In the run for IFFR’s Audience Award, the documentary finished in the top ten! 🏆

This makes The World According to Carlijn the highest-placed Dutch film and the worldwide highest-ranked documentary of IFFR!

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