Julia Rombout

Julia Rombout

Producer / Head of Docs

Having worked as a photographer since the age of fourteen, Julia has developed a real eye for visual talent. When she graduated as a producer from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2015, the work she helped become reality had already been shown from Teheran to Tokyo to Tel Aviv and from Canada to Cannes. She joined Rinkel Film as a producer in 2016, besides founding her own company July Film. In 2023 she became Head of Docs for Rinkel Docs, dedicated to producing high-quality documentary films and series.

A few titles are NOTHING TO DECLARE (dir. Hetty de Kruijf, official Dutch entry to the Oscars 2018), HEAT (dir. Thessa Meijer, selected at SXSW 2020, Sitges 2019, etc). The short film NERVOSA (dir.Thessa Meijer) premiered at the Dutch Film Festival 2019. At this moment, Julia is working on two documentaries; CHILD OF THEIR TIME (dir. Huibert van Wijk) and LIGHTNING (dir. Aiman Hassani), and the short dance film HER BODY (dir. Daphne Lucker), all expected to be released in 2024.

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