Cash Rebate

Co-producing with the Netherlands: 30% cash rebate and more

Co-producing is in our DNA. Backed up by a strong Netherlands Film Fund we can offer selective funding and a 30% cash rebate (Netherlands Film Production Incentive). The Netherlands offers award-winning multilingual cast and crews, excellent post facilities and a great variety of locations, all at the lowest rates of Western Europe. In the past, this has demonstrated to be a successful formula proven by the eleven international co-productions Rinkel Film has completed till date.

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive is the Dutch cash rebate system launched in May 2014 by the Netherlands Film Fund. With a budget of 20 million euro per year, the Incentive supports national as well as international co-productions and is intended to promote the development of film talent in the Netherlands and to stimulate the diversity, quality and distribution of film productions.

The cash rebate is 30% or 35% of the qualifying Dutch spend, subject to specific conditions. In order to qualify, a minimum amount of points must be achieved.

More information can be found on the website of the Dutch Film Fund.