Research & Assistant Dramaturg

Maxim van den Broeke

After studying Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam, Maxim worked on the sets of various productions. Working on those productions he discovered that the development process of filmmaking is what most interests him. He enjoys being involved from the very first fleeting idea of a movie. To knead and keep kneading until the dough starts to come together, so to speak. Finally seeing the film on the big screen, thinking back to that first version of the script, and getting a kick out of all the new roads and back roads that have been taken to achieve that result. People who aren’t only brave enough to have ideas of their own, but also dare to develop them, are the most interesting and he wants to be part of that process. Maxim wants to think along, think ahead, think back, and rethink everything again. Because let’s be honest: filmmaking is the best kind of work there is.